Maria McLachlan is a Canadian blogger who lives in Ontario, Canada and loves a deal! She doesn't like to pay full price or the first price for anything. In the course of the last 10 years of being a mom she has learnt the importance of saving a dollar especially to survive on one income.
Maria love freebies, contests and samples too and after many years of reading, entering contests and occasionally writing on other blogs, she has decided that now in  2018, it is finally the time to join in on the adventures of blogging.
Being a stay at home mom of 2 boys ages 10 and 5 this year, working full time just doesn't seem to work with costs of day care and lose of time.
On the Blog, Maria is working on posts to shed light on how to save, whether it be to save some dollars, or save you time. By documenting things to do with the family and sharing links and deals for you to use, as well as to inspire you with recipes or ideas to help you at home too. It takes time and effort to keep those little guys busy and hopefully she can inspire you and give you time to enjoy with them, maybe saving some sanity too!

She also loves taking pictures especially of her favourite subjects her sons Liam and Logan.

Maria is married to a loving and devoted father, who is also a best friend not only a husband and a true partner by being supportive and helpful. They are coming up to 12 years of marriage and have been together since 1998. 


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